Preparing for the Future of Work

Industry Accelerators

The World Economic Forum’s Preparing for the Future of Work initiative aims to create large-scale collaborative action to shape a positive and sustainable new world of work. This initiative brings together a community of leaders in business, civil society, education technology and learning providers and government stakeholders to enhance company capacity for informed action on the future of work agenda and to curate collaborative programmes to address the transformations at industry and cross-industry levels.

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The model for action

The Forum has convened more than 150 of its partners in seven industry taskforces and an evolving set of cross-industry initiatives, and is continuously engaging with new champions to scale up action and impact.

The Preparing for the Future of Work initiative focuses on five imperatives for the future of work, set out in the report Resetting the Future of Work Agenda, published in October 2020:

  • Transform organisation and work design
  • Align new technology and skills
  • Cultivate health and wellbeing
  • Build human-centric leadership
  • Protect the workforce ecosystem.

The initiative is organised around several interconnected action tracks, and partner companies may choose to participate in some or all of them.

The entire Preparing for the Future of Work Community from across the various components convenes quarterly for virtual Learning Series meetings to receive updates on activities across the initiative and to share learnings and best practice.

The Preparing for the Future of Work Playbook is a resource for members of the Preparing for the Future of Work initiative. Updated on an ongoing basis, it is designed to equip organisations with a holistic guide on implementing an impactful future of work experience.

Industries in-depth

Industry-specific taskforces comprise senior executives, as well as relevant government, trade union, industry association and education leaders. The taskforces focus on industry-level preparedness for the future of work.

An evolving set of workstreams drive cross-industry action in different aspects of the five future of work imperatives. These workstreams bring together senior executives, as well as relevant government and civil society representatives, depending on the focus.

Industry Taskforces

There are currently active Industry Accelerators in seven industries:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Mining and Metals
  • Oil and Gas

Thematic Workstreams

Workstreams for 2021 are tackling the following areas:

  • Organisation transformation and flexibility
  • Skilling agenda: skills taxonomy, proficiency standards and credentials
  • Workforce redeployment ecosystems
  • Collaborative, new-generation leadership
  • Mental health in the workplace
  • Vaccination preparedness