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The global context

Developing and enhancing human skills and capabilities through education, learning and meaningful work are key drivers of economic success, of individual well-being and societal cohesion. The global shift to a future of work is defined by an ever-expanding cohort of new technologies, by new sectors and markets, by global economic systems that are more interconnected than in any other point in history, and by information that travels fast and spreads wide. Yet the past decade of technological advancement has also brought about the looming possibility of mass job displacement, untenable skills shortages and a competing claim to the unique nature of human intelligence now challenged by artificial intelligence. The coming decade will require purposeful leadership to arrive at a future of work that fulfils human potential and creates broadly shared prosperity.

The insights below map the challenges and frameworks for action which can unlock solutions to a more prosperous future of work.

Explore the Skills Taxonomy to discover the skills of growing relevance in a fast-changing labour market, and serving as a “universal adapter” for existing taxonomies across learning supply and demand.

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